Monday, October 24, 2011

Tua Pek Gong

Hi All,, its been so long since my last blog update,, sorry.... cos , i've switched my career path to become a full time real estate consultant since April 2011
Thank everybody for the support and interests of my blog. i will still be doing this specialize traditional skill but with a different mentality as a hobby instead. Ok, enough of my stories....

This is the most recent art piece i've just finished restoring, as seen from th 1st pic on the left, this statue has already lost its shine in its colors. This particular "Tua Pek Gong" job was referred by one of my ex client .

As usual,, i cleaned the statue and then paint a layer of base coat oil base sealer to the whole statue,, and of cos,, i got to remove all its beard and accessories before the base coat.

Then step 2 is to re-applying the gold area with genuine gold leaflets, this is the most time consuming process and also requires lots of knowledge and skills in order to achieve the best shiniest result.

Next is to fill in the colored area with water base paint at least 2-3 coats per color. Then followed by decorating the statue with new crystals, beards hat decor. Job done!!!!

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