Wednesday, February 25, 2009

interior house painting

this is a common front door of a common HDB flat. i've used black oil paint to paint the gate & door. i've added some flowers patterns on the door for a unique look b'coz most people don't really do much to their doors as there is nothing much for them to do except changing it. isn't it cheaper & special to have a one & only self designed painted door in ur neighbourhood??next is the big pc of wall in the living room. i've used brown for the repeat patterns design using free hand painting without any pencil sketching. then i've decided to use green for its base but i added some darker green to let the entire picture have better colour contrast. next is the pc of wall behind the plasma tv. alot of people likes to decor the tv wall with lots of items like photo frames or fancy lightings,but it is better to keep the background of the tv set simple so that we can really concentrate on the movies in the tv rather than the wall decors!! i've choose brown then slowly blant into beige colour to match the house furnitures. skills are definitely needed for nice and smooth blanting of 2 colours. then is the small wall in between the 2 bedrooms entrance. i've also used the same idea as the tv wall in order to match up the living room colour. just some simple decoration can be done (DIY) to bring some cozy feel to ur is the bedroom's door, its a very basic plywood door that comes with a standard HDB flat and definitely unattractive. i've painted it to with darkbrown and toned it with some black to give it a natural raw wood finishing look. i've also design it to match with the bedroom's wardrobe's door. its much cheaper and hassle free to paint the door than to changed it!!

then its the most important part of the house, the master bedroom! we spent most of our intimate hours in this cozy little place so u gotta make ur sleep room as comfortable as possible. i've decided to painted the entire background of the bed to a wooden wall finishing and to match its furnitures colours, its simple but yet unique cos most painters do not have this ideas or skill needed to do the job.
lastly to introduce u is the most annoying parts of the house that doesn't look nice in whatever angle... yes,,, its all the sewage pipes and water pipes in the bathrooms and kitchens!! rich people have rich ways that is to construct wooden shelves or artificial cabinets to hide the pipes. its indeed a clever way but it doesn't comes cheap and if anything were to happen to those pipes, and repairs were needed to be done,, u've gotta tear down whatever u've constructed to hide the pipes due to obstruction. hence, i've come up with an idea of painting the pipes beautifully and proudly show it to the guests without much burning to ur pockets.. i've painted the pipes to look like tree trunks and added some twisting and curling plants crawling up the pipes. me myself thinks its a very great and cheap idea that i've come up with...hope u guys share the same thoughts..heehee.

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