Thursday, February 5, 2009

new ride modification

the 1st pic was shot halfway through its very very long surgery. when i saw my car in this stage, i still couldn't imagine how the end product will turn out to be. i left my vehicle in the workshop for 20 days (initially agreed within 8 days lor!!) i'm very happy with the end product when i 1st saw it as i don't want my ride to be over exeggerated but yet different from others on the road. but 1 issue to complain about is the workmanship of the workshop,especially the paint work. after i took my ride for about 1 week, some cracklines started forming at some of the joining. the workshop agreed to touch up for me and said it will need only 1 day, i'm very afraid that the 1 day might turn into 1 week again...

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