Sunday, January 10, 2010

drawings/paintings of "tua di ya pek" area

this is the area for our famous "tua ya pek & di ya pek" who are the hell gods. many people recognise them as the black and white. i'm tasked to do a painting of a cave and some bamboos on the 3 sides of the walls, its suppose to be a simple project but because that i will be luminous paint for the drawings, its not as easy as using normal paint( luminous paint is very diluted). i started off by painting the base colour to black in order to create a scary and spooky feel for the area, i started off painting the cave which looks very deep and pitch black going inner, then i starts to draw and paint some bamboos plants. its really very very weird doing this project, as seen in the pics, once i've started painting, all pics i've taken have lots of white translucent poker dots all over the photos....i've been in this trade for so long but this is the 1st encounter which i really can't explain???? ok,,back to work... after drawing bamboos, i've added 4 little ghost in the area (try to find them if u can) then i've also added 2 bats on each corner of the cave (as customer request). lastly, i've added some mist and foggy effect to the entire area,,,this really spooks the whole picture...the finishing of this project was really amazing when we turn on the neon light tube. everything seems so alive due to the luminous paint... (sadly, couldn't even take a single beautiful shot of the lights off effect) the only pic which can be seen on photo is the last pic (which was taken without lights) i'm very satisfied with this project and so were my customers....hope u like it too..;)

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