Tuesday, February 9, 2010

telok blangah temple

this is a very old temple located at telok blangah "tien gong miao"we've been engaged by the temple to construct a series of sculptures, let's start off from the main entrance , we are gonna construct 2 dragons curling around the entrance pillar on each side all the way up to the top of the main entrance with the 2 dragons facing each other. 1st, we need to construct the dragon's skeleton structure using 20mm-40mm iron rods then we weld and covered up the structure with wire mesh. its the most tedious part of the whole project b'cos all we used were some manual tools for us to bend and built up the entire structure.
2nd step is to apply 1st layer of cement onto the constructed iron dragon then followed by 2nd,3rd,4th layer then slowly sculpt the finishing.

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